RS005 – FYI Chris – ‘Back In The Millenium’


As spring dawns, Rhythm Section International go from Local Artist to a pair of very ‘local’ artists – Peckham’s very own Chris Watson + Chris Coupe; otherwise known as FYI CHRIS, who present the ‘Back In The Millennium’ EP as the labels 5th offering.

The EP was born after a rather hazy late night listening session at Rhythm Section HQ, where bossman Bradley Zero was instantly beguiled by the Duo’s hypnotic and rhythmically complex arrangements.
The record begins abrasively with the trance-inducing mechanical stutter of ‘back in the millennium’, before shuffling into downbeat number ‘Jeru’  and then picks things up with the peak time groove of ‘need i say more’  before bringing us back down to earth with the melancholic acid bump of ‘dedication’.
Early support from Osunlade, MR.G, Ryan Elliott & Damiano Von Eckhert

Ready for Club Use.

Listen to the tracks below and order Vinyl or buy lossless digital files over at the RHYTHM SECTION BANDCAMP

Now available in your favourite record stores:



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