Watch Henry Wu’s ‘Croydon Depot’


Stream Henry Wu’s stellar Croydon Depot here.

Buy here: or here:

Written, Performed and Programmed by Henry Wu

Shot By Brennan Paul
Directed By Brennan Paul and Abu Malik

Henry Wu :


Polite Strangers Hits the Shops Next Week


The new Rhythm Section International EP is set to hit the shops next week. The reception has been pretty positive to say the least.

Following a sold out Melbourne Release Party, Airplay from Gilles Peterson and inclusion in a mix by the inimitable Chet Faker, you can now Order the Vinyl or buy the digi from bandcamp ahead of the international release date, set for 10th November, when the record will be in all good stores.

Listen to the whole EP below and check out a few of the recent radio shows that have shone some light on the aussie newcomer, PREQUEL!



Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 08.26.52


PS, if you haven’t already, check Bradley’s latest NTS show below. Pure fire as per…..

RS heads down under & Gilles Peterson Premieres new Rhythm Section International release from Aussie Newcomer Prequel


Big thanks to Gilles for all the support! The Record is due out Early November, and you can pre order it HERE, don’t sleep – SHIT’S FLYING OUT!

watch this space and follow the SOUNDCLOUD for more previews coming soon.

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If you’re in Australia, we’ll be celebrating the release in Melbourne this Saturday 25th October at Boney.

Bradley will also be playing Good God in Sydney on Friday 24th October, and Sugar in Adelaide on Weds 29th – so come along for a bit of that Rhythm Section Flavour down under!

beyond blue sydney good god

Rose’s Top Albums of 2009

Here are my top 10 from 2009. It’s probably best to start from the beginning and work your way down, vertically, reading from left to right. I have included my favourite songs from the albums… so you can listen while reading the few words I have written… makes sense, right? All I can suggest is that you look them up yourselves – all ten of them. They are all gems.

Tune Yards – Bird-Brains

Marriage, 16/11/2009 (BUY)

Merrill Garbus appeared on my facebook wall a few months ago, like some angel sent from above, and courtesy of my friend Laura. Since then, her vocal and ukulele harmonies have had me jumping, skipping and parading around my living room, only taking the occasional break for a little cry on the sofa due to some of the lyrics striking a chord (no pun intended).

> Hatari

This video I’m sure will convince you that she is effing ace:


Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

Domino,  08/06/2009 (BUY)

Occasionally an album seems to seep into your very core and you cannot relate to a time before you heard it.  Bitte Orca’s one of those albums. I actually bought it for my dad’s birthday to try and convince him that modern music is worth listening to. Needless to say, he liked it. Which, by  the way, is a massive deal as the only pop music my dad would listen to before that was ‘You Can Call Me Al’ (Paul Simon) and ‘In The Summertime’ (Mungo Jerry).

I digress.

Anyway, it’s an incredible album from an incredible band. But you knew that already.

> Useful Chamber


Josephine Foster – Graphic As a Star

Fire , 10/11/2009 (BUY)

The best two gigs I went to this year were both Josephine Foster and were both at Cafe Oto. I am in complete awe of this woman.

Graphic As a Star is an album of Emily Dickinson’s poetry

> She Sweeps With Many Colored Brooms


Volcano Choir – Unmap

Jagjaguwar,  21/09/2009 (BUY)

Post-Emma-related-heart-break, Bon Iver’s back! Fronting the beautifully named Volcano Choir.

Here’s my fave:

> Island, IS


Telepathe – Dance Mother

IAMSOUND, 19/01/2009 (BUY)

Produced by Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio, the album is a dreamy reverb sounds-cape that you can dance to.

This is my favourite track on the album:

> I Can’t Stand It

In my opinion the original mix is better, I’ll let you decide, yeah?

> I Can’t Stand It 2

The irony is: I CAN stand it. Haw haw.


Julianna Barwick – Florine

Florid, 10/11/2009 (BUY)

Mesmerizing. I fall asleep to this.

> Bode


Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle

Drag City, 13/04/2009 (BUY)

I mentioned that my favourite gigs this year were those of Josephine Foster. Bill Callahan, man of a thousand facial expressions, performing at Union Chapel was equally fantastic. He was wearing very tight pale trousers so I spent most of the evening trying not to stare at his crotch. I was near the front, you see, all dewy-eyed and mouth agape. Hmm… I think I love him.

Favourite moment on the album? When that woman goes “rrrrococo” on Rococo Zephyr. Wonderful.

> All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beast


Wild Beasts – Two Dancers

Domino, 03/08/2009 (BUY)

Hugo Manuel, of Jonquil fame, mentioned Wild Beasts in our interview, which is the main reason I like this album. Afro beat drums, falsetto singing, get into the groove.  Hooting & Howling sounds like Meredith Monk’s Last Song, which is pretty wicked. This, however, is the absolute beast on the lp:

> All The King’s Men


Laura Gibson – Beasts of Season

Hush, 26/10/2009 (BUY)

I spent a solitary week last month listening only to this haunting album. Funny, considering I only borrowed the album from work because I liked the look of the front cover. The first chords to ‘Shadows on Parade’, the opening song, seem to automatically unlock the pensive treasure chest in my head. Again with lyrics that strike a chord, here is an album that I can happily listen to from start to finish without doing anything else. Something that I think is a big feat in the current internet ruled climate.

> Spirited


Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport

ATP, 12/10/2009 (BUY)

Fuck Buttons are being described as “shogaze techno”. Yeah, I’d agree with that. This has found its way onto every top 5 album list in. the. universe.

> Surf Solar


To end, here is my favourite video and track of this year. Mine, and I think a hell of a lot of other people’s also:

(Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest didn’t make it into the top 10 because I got stuck on this song and didn’t end up properly listening to the entire album. Oops).


Following up from the Fools Gold Post, and in response to the generally huge surge in afro-centric pop music, here are a few classics from the motherland whose influences are being heard across the board.

Included is a little taste of some bouncy Congolese guitars, some haunting, arabesque ethio-jazz and some nigerian Jùjú groove.

Franco & Sam Magwana: Coopération. (DR Congo -1982)

Mulatu Astatqé – Yèkèrmo Sèw (Ethiopia- 70s)

Ja Funmi – King Sunny Ade & His African Beats (Nigeria 1982)