Rhythm Section Membership 2015/2016

The wait is over!
It’s possible to be a Rhythm Section Member again. Get a card now, and you’re a member until the end of 2016

On average you can save £2 per visit, so come twice and you’ve covered the cost….but more than that you become a black card holding, fully fledged member of the family.

Every now and again the card will gain you extra benefits, from queue jumping to free entry, discounted records, merch and anything else we can think of

If you visit Rhythm Section twice before December 31st 2016, you will have made a saving so it’s a no brainer really.

It is not valid without photo id fixed, a passport style photo will do the job – cropping may be necessary.
Make sure you look good, these may well be the best years of your life.

Now available from Bandcamp: https://wearerhythmsection.bandcamp.com/merch/rhythm-section-membership-card-2015-2016


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