Bradley Zero extended session at the Pool Hall


Unbelievable scenes last time with Prequel, and continuing our antipodean romance we have another coming to the pool hall going by the name of Dan Kye, joining Bradley Zero and Z Lovecraft.

Dan Kye was created from the subconscious. An alter-ego (of Jordan Rakei) so to speak. An artist that is a piece to a bigger puzzle. His live set consists on live looping, live sequencing, playing keyboard and singing. He has played before in the pool hall (before Max Graef) and his first experience of London, coming off the plane, was Rhythm Section NYE 2014. No better inauguration! A musical talent, and definitely one to watch in the near future…

Bradley Zero will be bringing more records than usual for an extended session in the booth. Somewhat a rare occurance in the pool hall, so expect a voyage through past, present and future.

Accompanied by protege, crate-digging, riddim loving 100% certified Rhythm Section team member otherwise known as Mali, Z Lovecraft. With possibly too much time spent in YAM Records (infront and behind the counter), twiddlin’ knobs in the studio, and with a debut EP earmarked this year with an emerging local label, get to know. First came to Rhythm Section #2 in 2011 and hasn’t left since: holding it down for BZ with the likes of Cosmic Slop, K15, and Andrew Ashong.


2 decks, a rotary mixer, 1 red neon light and a few crates of vinyl.

Summer’s here so dress to sweat!

Door Tax
RS Card Holding Members: £5 before 11, £7 after (must have valid photo ID!)
Non members: £7 All night always,don’t be late to avoid that queue.
1. be nice
2. no photos on the dancefloor plz.

Remember you now need to be a Canavan’s Peckham Pool Club member to come in (unless you’re with a member, who can have 3 guests)….
Canavan’s Membership is FREE, and it takes one minute to sign up at the door but you can save time by printing this out and signing up in advance:

RA: Here
Facebook event

BRING PHOTO ID! – NB. Canavan’s membership does not mean discount. That is a separate RS card –


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