Pender Street Steppers Return to Canavans


Rhythm Sectiom Regulars will be no strangers to The Pender Street Steppers. The duo of Jack J & Liam Butler are captains of the now world conquering Moodhut collective hailing from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

It all began on Pender Street itself, when Bradley Zero went to visit the guys in Vancouver to see what was popping:
Since then, an inter-continental relationship has evolved and we have welcomed almost all of the crew to play at the Pool hall, from hashman to bluntman, local artist to Jack J. There’s still a few blank spaces left before we have welcomed the entire crew, but in the mean time, we are most excited to welcome Jack and Liam aka THE PENDER STREET STEPPERS back to Peckham for an extended pool hall get down.

This is bound to be a roadblock, get down early, enjoy the whole journey.


2 decks, a rotary mixer, 1 red neon light and a few crates of vinyl.

Door Tax
RS Card Holding Members: £5 before 11, £7 after (must have valid photo ID!)
Non members: £7 All night always,don’t be late to avoid that queue.
1. be nice
2. no photos on the dancefloor please.

Remember you now need to be a Canavan’s Peckham Pool Club member to come in (unless you’re with a member, who can have 3 guests)….
Canavan’s Membership is FREE, and it takes one minute to sign up at the door but you can save time by printing this out and signing up in advance:


BRING PHOTO ID! – NB. Canavan’s membership does not mean discount. That is a separate RS card –


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