Rhythm Section with Henry Wu (Live), Theodor & Bradley Zero

Henry Wu has been the name on everyone’s lips this year, and with his EP dropping this month on Rhythm Section International there couldn’t be a better time to welcome him to the pool hall for the first time, to play a very special live set.
With his synthy summer classic “ Good Morning Pecknaam’ having been championed by Gilles Peterson and his future classic rap ‘Croydon Depot’ being hailed as a masterpiece from all corners of the globe, it seems a perfect time to invite the local boy come good for a session in the pool hall.

In terms of support, we’ll be keeping things local with YAM Records boss and famed Peckham selector Theodor, alongside the ever present Bradley Zero.


2 decks, a rotary mixer, 1 red neon light and a few crates of vinyl.

Door Tax
RS Members: £5 before 12
Non members: £7 all night

..as always, don’t be late to avoid that queue, be nice and no photos on the dancefloor please!

Remember you now need to be a Canavan’s Peckham Pool Club member to come in (unless you’re with a member, who can have 3 guests)….
Canavan’s Membership is FREE, and it takes one minute to sign up at the door but you can save time by printing this out and signing up in advance: bit.ly/canavansmembership

We have a few tickets for sale in advance as always, but remember 90% are available only on the door, so get down early – this has potential to be another roadblock, and this isn’t something that should be missed.

RA advance tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?742409

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1628931644013531/

BRING PHOTO ID! – NB. Canavan’s membership does not mean discount before 12. That is a separate RS card – tiny.cc/RSmembership


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