Hashman hits Peckham [Mood hut PArt 1]


Part one of our Mood Hut quest begins on Saturday 19th July at the Pool Hall.
If you’re not acquainted with the Mood Hut then I have to ask, where the hell have you been!?

Mood Hut are a collective of musicians, Deejays and smokers from Vancouver, British Columbia. They’ve released 6 of the best EP’s in the last two years from the likes of Ttam Renat , Aquarian Foundation, Cloudface, Pender Street Steppers (PSS) and House of Doors. Other artists from the label such as Local Artist, PSS and Kinetic Electronix have also released stunning material on PPU Peoples Potential Unlimited,Anthony Naples label- Proibito, Going Good, All Caps and our brothers over at FUTURE TIMES.

To put it simply, the revolution is underway and it is starting in Vancouver, and it’s bringing with it a most refreshing and very friendly community of like minded labels united by good vibes.
Hashmann Deejay is placed firmly in the centre of this exciting movement and his work as Hashmann, Ttam Renat and as part of Aquarian Foundation has been truly inspirational.
Our man Bradley Zero went all the way to Vancouver to hang out with these guys and came back with enough beats and inspiration to get him through the year. For a brief introduction to the Mood Hut universe you must listen to the Vancouver special Bradley did on NTS Radio – 2 hours of straight BC jams, and there was still so much left out:http://www.mixcloud.com/NTSRadio/rhythm-section-8th-february-2014/
Looking forward to the first part of our mood hut odyssey on saturday! see you there x

2 decks, a rotary mixer, 1 red light and a few crates of vinyl – all in our new ENLARGED dance floor.

..as always, don’t be late to avoid that queue, be nice and no photo’s on the dancefloor please!

Door Tax
Card Holding Members: £3 before 11 / £5 After
Non Members: £5 Before 11 / £7 After

or beat the queue with the limited £4 cheap advance tickets available soon at Resident Advisor: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?617478


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