Rhythm Section Heads West for Sunday Sessions

RS sunday session 12th jan

Rhythm Section is starting a monthly Residency at London’s best new Club: Basement – London Edition

We joined forces with Young Turks last year to do a Sunday session withRomare (recorded in glorious 32kbps),and it was an absolute revelation; There’s something very special about dancing on a Sunday night, and Rhythm Section will now be taking control of the Central London Club one Sunday a month

We’ll essentially be bringing SE15 north of the river (neon included) for a monthly excursion, with the hope of providing a sunday sanctuary for the people who mean serious business on the Dancefloor.

It is a sunday afterall, so Rhythm Section’s usually strict rules of vinyl purism will be slightly relaxed – the sunday sessions will be an opportunity for some of our favourite live acts and renkowed digital jockeys to bathe under the warm red glow of the SE15 Neon

Stepping up this month alongside Bradley Zero are two good friends and some of the best producers/Dj’s in the country:
Dauwd will be playing live, alongside a special guest, who we cannot announce due to various reasons, but let’s just say that he’s been in every pole worth being in at the end of 2013.


you have to be on the guest-list to get in, send names  to rsvp@wearerhythmsection.com if you don’t wanna shout about it.

We start at 9pm sharp – the Venue is on Berners St, Just in between Oxford Circus and Tot. Court Road tubes.

see you there


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