Join us on Blind Jack’s Journey – with Gnork & Luv Jam – Friday 14th December

RS gnork_1000


Luv Jam is the Boss of one of our favourite Labels of 2013: Blind Jack’s Journey. So Far they have released 3 volumes of DREAM HOUSE – vol 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 have all featured heavily at previous Rhythm Section‘s and 1.4 is on the way very soon.

The stand out producer, featured on most of these releases is a certain Hungarian, going by the name of Gnork. He is, quite frankly – amazing. His uniquely psychedelic and somewhat euphoric take on house and breaks kind of makes you feel like you’re floating. We Like that.

John Metcalf (1717–1810), also known as Blind Jack of Knaresborough or Blind Jack Metcalf, was the first professional road builder to emerge during the Industrial Revolution.
Blind from the age of six, John had an eventful life, which was well documented by his own account just before his death. In the period 1765 to 1792 he built about 180 miles (290 km) of turnpike road, mainly in the north of England.

…as always, don’t be late to avoid that queue, be nice and no photo’s on the dancefloor please!

Ordered Membership Cards can be picked up at the door and photos can be affixed right there. unless your picking up, No photo means no membership discount!

Door Tax
Card Holding Members: £3 before 11 / £5 After
Non Members: £5 Before 12 / £7 After

advance tickets already available at RA Resident Advisor : link comin’ soon



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