Rhythm Section Welcomes Fortuna Records To Peckham: Middle Eastern Delights from Tel Aviv


There’s no stopping Rhythm Section this summer: the third week in a row before a little break.
Why 3 weeks in a row you ask? – Well, because the right people have been in town!

Young Marco was our special guest last week and did not fail to deliver – so good.

Playing this week we welcome some amazing DJ’s / Collectors / Re-issuers / Broadcasters that Bradley met while on Holiday in Tel Aviv. Rhythm Section Managed to snap them up in between sessions at Boiler Room and Gilles Peterson‘s Bronwsood Studios for a Radio show.

Maor & Zack – aka Hectik and Turtle run a fine middle eastern label that goes by the name of Fortuna Records. The label has reissued some amazing music from the Orient- from Israeli funk to Yemeni Jazz and Turkish Psych, with everything in between.
Listen to a sample of the new album HERE:

I was joined by Maor (Hectik) on my NTS Radio show live from Tel Aviv. The broadcast was a collaboration with Local ( and international) Radio stationTEDER.FM – of which Zack, our other guest is a founding member of.

LIsten to the second half of that radio show here to get an idea of the kind of music these guys push: http://www.mixcloud.com/rhythm_section/rhythm-section-x-tederfm-tel-aviv-on-nts-radio-with-bradley-zero-hectic-fortuna-records/

As always, Rhythm Section is 100% vinyl, so expect a mix of new Fortuna Pressings and original 45s from Syria, lebanon, turkey, israel, Yemen and beyond alongside contemporary sounds of Israel and London.

It’s sure to be a special show – look forward to seeing you there!

…as always, don’t be late to avoid that queue, be nice and no photo’s please.

Ordered Membership Cards can be picked up at the door. we will have self sealing laminate covers this time so DO bring your passport photos.

Door Tax
Card Holding Members: £3 before 11 / £5 After
Non Members: £5 Before 1am / £7 After
£4 via RA  – no queuing! http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?514584

Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/539536769434275/

Also, Bradley did a special mix for LNCC, which is quite the honour – check it out here: http://snd.sc/1cgcQPW


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