Ruf Dug & Glowing Palms head to Rhythm Section this Saturday

glowing palms_600



The supreme master Ruf Dug returns to Rhythm Section with his records, echo machine, dub siren and rotary mixer. This time he brings along fellow Mancunian protegé Glowing Palms.

A Ruf Kutz track gets played at every single Rhythm Section since I discovered them so it’s more than an honour to have these two guys down together.

RK 7 by Mr. Palms was such a smash hit that juno only let you buy one at once. If you haven’t already got it, it’s too late:

This is gonna be a heavy session, see you all down there early!

get there before 12 to avoid a queue, or buy a (limited) advance ticket on RA:

members £3 before 11
£5 Entry for everyone else

Hope you all enjoyed the new bar layout. Lots more space to breathe, drink and dance.


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