Rhythm Section Keeping it Local at the Pool Hall this Friday

600 theo alexIt’s a strictly SE15 affair this week at the Pool Hall, with local badmen and hella good DJ’s Alex Egan and Theo Kozlowski.

Alex works at Phonica and produces sublime music under the pseudonym ‘The Draughtsman’. Check his music out here and be sure to listen to the remixes, by RS favourites: Daniel Avery and Roman Flügel.
Theo Kozlowski runs a great monthly night of live music over at the Bussey in Peckham, called Sprawl. Theo has been quietly collecting records for the past few years and blew us away with his selection back at the New Years Eve Special, so we just had to get him back.

Members £3 Before 11pm, then £5 after that
n00bs – £5 all night (BARGAIN)

A FEW tickets are available on RA at the time of writing this, but most will be available on the door:
TICKETS HERE: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?456421 (ps. they been going pretty quick lately so don’t sleep)

Buy one to avoid a Queue, or get there before 12 to be safe rather than sorry.

OH AND WE ARE OPENING AT 9, WHY? more time for dancing, ofcourse.
£3 Pints till 11

For more info , check the facebook and feel free to tell your friends*. (*as long as they’re nice)

As always: all vinyl, no nonsense

Peckham Strong x

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