Rhythm Section & In Plain Sight Reunite For More Bank Holiday Fun

Rhythm Section and In Plain Sight team up for some bank holiday Sunday action once more. 4 of the finest selecotrs around will be on hand to keep you dancing to proper house music all night long.

If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it is the phrase that sprang to mind after the last session, so this event is a straight reload of part one.

youngTEE will be playing live again, with loads of new tracks as well as the highlights from the first session. Dr Chocolate done live was every bit as brilliant as we all hoped it would be and opening track Rehab smashed the place to pieces. Click the above picture to hear it in all it’s glory.
Semtek, Bradley and Andy will be freestyling the dj duties between them all night, from 12″ plates of Vinyl.
If you haven’t heard Andy Blake’s Latest podcast for the imitable Little White Earbuds  series, you just have to check it out.
Semtek’s new release on DBA is the first volume of the asparagus-themed Spargel Beats 12″s : out now on coloured vinyl with the release timed to coincide with the start of the asparagus season and Record Store day. Volume 2 is coming in a month with a handful of early copies available now if you go to the right shops.
Check the Event on Facebook HERE
Cheap and cheerful as always: £3 before 12, £5 after.
Cheapest drinks in Peckham.
Newly Upgraded, sweetly singing Rhythm Section Sound System

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