Rhythm Section bring some Afrocentric vibes to Richmix

If you’ve been to some of our events you’ll have noticed that we do have a tendency to throw in a bit of African music at the most unexpected of times. Perhaps a bit of Fela Kuti inbetween some Techno, a sprinkle of Sofrito in the middle of a disco set and even some Franco getting muddled up with the funk….well, now Rhythm Section gets to flex the afrobeats to a fuller extent.

Bradley Zero will be  resident DJ at the new monthly arts and music night at Richmix. From the Horn of Africa to the centre of shoreditch, this is one not to be missed. Expect some off centre global beats.

for concessions email info@wearerhythmsection.com

Other performers includeDorothea Smartt, a poetess-extraordinaire of Bajan descent. We also have Sai Murai, a funkadelic genius whose cadences have a soulful flow. Then there are Elmi Ali and Sam Elmi, two Somali wunderkinds who wield words to show us that there other ways of seeing and being.

On the night, we have the Eritrean-born singer, Miryam Solomon performing two beautiful songs in Tigrinya, the official language of Eritrea, with Bronzehead, a multi-culti crew of Afrobeat funkateers. Accompanying Bronzehead are the legendary Somali musicians Salax Xariri and Macallow. Visuals will be provided by Nathalie Mba Bikoro and Jos Argyle.


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