Rhythm Section Presents: Last Fridays: Peckham

Rhythm Section brings us what we’ve all been waiting for: A proper party for South London’s Last Fridays.


►NZCA/Lines (Lo Records) http://www.nzca-lines.com/

NZCA Lines is a one man conceptual/electro/RnB phenomenon from Devon. Currently based in Peckham, NZCA/Lines music is inspired by a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru.
Quite truly, mesmerising and soon to be EVERYWHERE. You heard it here first.

►Nasty+Mangno (Off Modern/bruk out) http://www.offmodern.com/

You know the score with these guys. SE15 Party Maestros Jony and Ian step up for u to get down. guaranteed to shake the most reluctant batty.

►AVB (Dollop) http://www.dollopdollop.com/

Dollop come from Nottingham and over the past few years have steadily taken over London, playing host to everyone that matters in contemporary music. Arne (AVB) is there secret weapon, destroying unsuspecting dancefloors on a regular basis with his psychological mind tricks.

►Gigolo Medina (Wholemeal) http://www.wholemealmusic.co.uk/

Wholemeal take some time out of from their amazing shows at the Rhythm Factory to play to a home crowd at Last Fridays. Expect forward thiking sounds and impeccable taste from a collective who put a lot of love into their art.

►Apes (Church) http://www.churchldn.com/

Founder and Resident Dj at Church, a weekly night of House and Bass at Corsica Studios, Apes and his crew seem to be slowly taking over the world. Smashing dance-floors week in week out across the Country, Church are a brand to be taken very seriously.


£5 all night
£3 Cheap List, sign up via mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/gWmZr

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