SLIDE IN @ the Tulse Hill Tavern

Ex Saudi Boys back on the scene with a surprisingly mature and well rehearsed outfit: The Fat White Family. Psycho country for all the family. Ex-drummer Bradley Zero BAck on the scene to provide DJ Support. Here’s what they have to say:


You can’t burn beneath the cool of touch.
You can’t heal without the wound….welcome, to SLIDE IN (LIVE)

Located in a location beyond the outer rim of any known attempts at gentrification or cultural regeneration (The Tulse Hill Tavern), a new and terrifying prospect within the vista of human experience is on the cusp of release: SLIDE IN (LIVE).

Do we already live in an age of excessive reality? Is it wise that we connect further dots upon the wall of consciousness? Will we be forced to retreat into the pleasant comatose of a new dark-age?………….. here at SLIDE IN (LIVE) we certainly hope so.


BLACK DANIEL… fuzzy psych pop !

FAT WHITE FAMILY… psycho country!

ZULU .. stillborn tribal punk!

DIK OOZ… sleazy sonic rapists!

TIMBO KARAOKE… legendary crooner!



From 8.30pm – 3.00am……………£3……………..———-============================================================================================





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