Emptyset Rhythm Section Mix

We begin our mix series with a session from Bristol/London producers EMPTYSET exploring the darker, bass-ridden side of techno. Not afraid to throw in a 2-step shuffle and some Chicago style chords and claps for good measure, Emptyset set take us on an eye-openeing ride through all things 4/4. Plug in your speakers, turn your bass up.

The duo have been exploring brutally reduced techno styles over the course of three 12″s for Caravan and Future Days since 2007, aligning the bass heavy sound of their Bristol heritage with the streamlined and linear structures of Berlin’s Sleeparchive or Marcel Dettmann.

With the help of local curators Pat and Trevor, one half of Emptyset (Producer Paul Purgas) recently curated a show, ‘We Can Elude control’, which saw Berlin Techno Pioneer Sleeparchive and more sound artists/DJ’s play at the Sassoon Gallery, in Peckham.

The Show spawned a Limited Edition CD which was subsequently a Record of the week on boomkat.com , and quickly sold out.

Tracks by Emptyset have been causing riots on the more sophisticated dance-floors of Berlin, and have also been receiving extensive airplay and blogging here in the UK. We hope you enjoy this mix and we look forward to hosting a live session and conversation with Paul on our debut show, which airs on the 16th DECEMBER.

Rhythm Section


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